“In a time of huge property tax increases and reduced funding for our schools, we need accountable government that promotes financial fairness opportunity, and security for our families. The current approach has failed. It’s time for a change.”


                       --Ken Moen

Come Join Me

  • News

    Today the Moen for State Senate Campaign announced that many of its supporters would be attending Thursdays on First tomorrow to show support for local businesses.  Moen stated, ”We are having supporters gather at Thursday on First to show our support for local businesses and our support for creating jobs locally.” 

  • Ken's Announcement

    As the precinct caucuses on February 7, 2012, approach, I want to connect with those, like yourself, who are likely DFL delegates plus the many donors to the Moen for Senate campaign.  This is a record of my campaign and where I am committed to go.

  • Issues

    Three weeks into the 2012 legislative session and it is evident that November's election is

    critically important to all Minnesotans. It seems that in every news cycle the Republican majorities in the House and Senate indicates no intention of addressing the real problems in our State. Instead of promoting job growth and strengthening the economy, they continue to make partisan politics and conservative social issues their priorities.

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Views from around State Senate District 26

It's Parade time in Minnesota!

Ken is out there walking in each parade. Come on out and walk with him